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Business Boost

Business Boost is a suite of investment funds totaling 17.6m that is designed to help enhance business growth in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.


Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), Cornwall Council, the Convergence ERDF Partnership and the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) have commissioned CDC to manage these funds.  Together we are passionate about creating a prosperous and vibrant economy in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and to do that, we want to help businesses grow, creating more well paid jobs.

Business Boost offers a series of different investment opportunities that together make up a comprehensive range of options for businesses of every size and type, operating in every sector.

Investments can typically cover up to 50% of your project, with your business making up the remainder.  This is a call for interest in the funds and investments are available subject to demand.

What is available?

We currently have five funds totalling 17.6m for businesses. Tell us which of the five funds best matches your needs?

All of these investments need to create or safeguard jobs and this must be an essential feature of any proposal you may wish to make. However, some of these funds have other objectives to meet as well.

The funds are:

  • Business Investment for Growth (BIG - ERDF)
  • Rural Business Investment Scheme (RDPE)
  • Micro Business Incentive - Manufacturing (Cornwall Council)
  • Superfast Cornwall fund (Regional Growth Fund) 
  • Business Catalyst fund (Regional Growth Fund) 
  • Growing Places fund

Please answer the following questions which will direct you to the fund that best fits your needs?

Your response will lead you to further investment criteria and, when you are able to match your needs to a fund, you will be asked to fill out an Expression of Interest form which will then be assessed by us and hopefully lead to a swift and successful application process.

  1. Are you a small to medium sized high value growth business and eligible for support?
    If yes, please click here
    If you are ineligible please go to question 2 or 3 below.
  2. Are you a micro business in the manufacturing sector and interested in recruiting a new post to grow your company?
    If yes, please click here.
  3. Are you a rural micro business in one of the eligible business sectors or an agri-food business of any size looking for investment support to grow your business?
    If yes, please click here.
  4. Do you want to take advantage of the Superfast Cornwall fibre optic network by investing in your business to exploit this infrastructure and gain a competitive advantage?
    If yes, please click here.
  5. Are you looking to invest to make a step change in the efficiency and productivity of your business by renewing your plant and machinery or by way of some other significant investment?
    If yes, please click here.
  6. Do you require investment to provide infrastructure to unlock a housing or commercial property development project?
    If yes, please click here.


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