Delivering the economic vision for Cornwall

LEADER / Local Action Groups

One of the first tranches of funding to be made available through the new programme of EU Rural Development funds offers Cornish rural businesses and communities an exciting opportunity to develop and grow.  

What is LEADER funding and who can apply?

LEADER funding is available to local businesses, communities, farmers, foresters and land owners. Eligible applicants can apply for funding through Local Action Groups (LAGs).  Your LAG will prioritise funding for projects that create jobs, help your business to grow, and benefit the rural economy.  

LEADER is part of the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE).  ItÙs a French acronym which roughly translates as ‘Liaison among Actors in Rural Economic DevelopmentÙ.

A LAG is made up of people from the local community and the local public and private sector.  LAGs decide which projects they will fund in their area. This depends on their priorities but all projects must support one or more of the 6 LEADER priorities. These are to:

  • support micro and small businesses and farm diversification
  • boost rural tourism
  • increase farm productivity
  • increase forestry productivity
  • provide rural services
  • provide cultural and heritage activities
Find out more about the Local Action Group and funding opportunities in your area visit the website 


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