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Community Led Local Development

This programme is led by Cornwall Development Company and the activities will be funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund.


Cornwall Development Company 

The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership identified Community Led Local Development is a way of delivering a programme of funding to the most deprived areas of Cornwall as part of the wider ‘European Union Growth Programme’. CDC will manage the programme on behalf of the four Local Action Groups. The programme runs until December 2022, with all delivery having taken place by June 2022. 

The CLLD programme is based on four guiding principles:

•   Being ‘bottom-up’ and targeted at local areas of greatest need

•   Being about finding novel ways of addressing local challenges and opportunities

•   Being guided by Local Development Strategies and led by Local Action Groups

•   Bringing together different types of activity in different sectors in a coordinated way.

CLLD funded activity includes support for skills development, initiatives to tackle personal financial management, self-esteem, preparation to move towards work, access to employment, training, sector development, IT solutions, new transport ideas, support for social enterprise, local business growth and innovative economic development activity tailored to the local area and each target community’s need.

CLLD seeks to encourage new ideas:  new techniques, new technologies, new knowledge, new approaches - as well as apply existing ideas in new areas. The programme sets out to address the big issues in specific areas in relation to employment, skills and work using a fresh approach.

For example:

•   Creating more jobs locally

•   Helping businesses stay viable

•   Helping businesses to grow

•   Helping people to start a business

•   Supporting people to get the skills they need to access jobs

•   Helping build confidence to get into training

•   Opportunities for young people to find training and work locally

•  Helping develop skills, qualifications and careers once employed

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If you have a project you think may be eligible for CLLD assistance, please call 01209 615067 or email 

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