CDC Tender Opportunities

Find out what the current tender opportunities are with a variety of projects delivered by CDC.

CDC Tender Opportunities

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TEN422:PR & Marketing Campaign, Website Design & Development 

Aerospace Cornwall, CDC is seeking to commission an experienced supplier to develop and roll-out a PR programme and a marketing campaign for the AeroSpace Cornwall project, including the design and development of a dedicated website.


The tender is open until 29th March 2018.

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TEN 421: Summative Assessment Project Evaluation Services

Cornwall Development Company is seeking to appoint a contractor to provide an ERDF Summative Assessment for three projects (using a common approach) Business Investment for Growth2, Invest In Cornwall and the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Growth Hub in accordance with the ERDF Summative Assessment Objectives.

The summative assessments provide insights into programme performance, in order to:

  Enhance their implementation

  Provide reliable evidence of their efficiency, effectiveness and value for money

  Provide insights into what interventions work, reasons and lessons for the future


The summative assessments will help to understand the difference the programmes have made in the local economy, communities and beneficiary groups. In addition, they will improve the effectiveness of measures in relation to economic growth in the future.


The supplier will be expected to undertake a summative assessment and provide a full report together with a final summary in line with the requirements of the tender document and the ERDF guidance. (NB above guidance subject to change – suppliers are expected to check and comply with latest ERDF guidance.)

Deadline for submissions is 17:00 hrs on Wednesday 11th April 2018.


See Contracts Finder for details.  



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